Q. How long does a borrower need to receive child support to count as income?(5.22.13)
A. The borrower must prove 6 months receipt and a 3 year continuance from signing the note.

Q. USDA Loan:  if a borrower is not using child support to qualify for the loan, will we require the documentation?
A. Yes, the court documentation will be required to prove they are within the USDA income limits as this would be considered in the household income total. (4.26.13)

Q. Can we use foreign income earned by U.S. citizens?
A. Yes, this is acceptable if the borrowers are filing federal tax returns that include the foreign earned income. All income must be translated into U.S. dollars.  (4.18.13)

Q. Can I use income from substitute teachers? 
A. As long as the borrower has a two year history of substitute teaching this would be acceptable. We would require that the 2 year history be documented.  (4.18.13)