Q. Can financing be offered on a house fed by springwater?(5.22.13)
A. Conventional, YES…Government, NO.

Q.  How many years of remaining life do we need on a roof?(5.22.13)
A.  We need to show there is a minimum of 2 years of life remaining.

Q. What is the Maximum we offer on an investment 2-4 unit property?(5.22.13)
A. 75% is the Maximum for 2-4 units investment property.

Q. Can we loan on properties zoned EFU? (4.18.13)
A. As long as the property is residential in nature, the highest and best use is as a SFR , it’s a legal use and it may be rebuilt as a SFR if destroyed.

Q.  Is Post and Pier foundation acceptable? (4.18.13)
A. Yes, as long as it is common to the area and comps provided support this.