Questions regarding pricing,rate locks, or price hits

If you have questions regarding pricing or rate locks, or price hits, please direct those to:


 Please do not direct scenario or underwriting questions here, that will only further delay a response.

 If you have questions related to loan scenarios, underwriting, cash flow calculation on files not yet submitted to Processing, please direct those questions to:


 Prior to doing that we encourage all of you to look at our guidelines first, they can be found on; knowledge is power and you will learn more if you look it up yourself!!.  However, the queue is there to help you.

 If your answer is “simple” you will have a response the same day ( within a half-day response time)….so if you submit a question at 4pm, expect a response by 11 am the next morning. 

 If your answer is more complex, you will get an email back from the queue operator indicting it is more complex and to expect a response within 48 hrs.   We do get several complex scenarios; the good news is that it means you are being proactive in trying to head off issues; but please understand that it takes time to review, research, and provide a solid response. 

 If you are submitting tax returns for cash flow analysis, please allow 72 hrs for that to be completed.  I will be sending out today a DIRECTORS CASH FLOW ANALYSIS FORM that should help each of you and/or your Production Coordinators become more self sufficient in that area.